Bridging the Gap Radio Ministry

Throughout NOVEMBER 2021

The newest edition of a classic, Warren Wiersbe’s, “On Being a Servant of God,” is your invitation to learn from a master what servanthood is and what it is not. For the seasoned as much as those new in Christ, “On Being a Servant of God” will enlarge your walk and relationship with God and encourage you to keep on through every season of ministry. In these thirty chapters, you will learn what Wiersbe himself has gleaned from over 50 years of experience as a pastor, Bible teacher, voluminous author, and radio personality. “On Being a Servant of God” has become the “go-to” for pastors and new believers alike.

Our gift to you when you support Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd with a gift of $15 or more throughout the month of November is a paperback copy of “On Being a Servant of God.” This book can also be used as a 30-day devotional.

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