Books by Pastor Lloyd

Everyday Conversations: Eternal Impact book by Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Everyday Conversations: Eternal Impact

By an ancient well outside a small Samaritan town, one conversation impacted an entire community for the gospel. From what began as a seemingly everyday encounter, Lloyd Pulley draws insights that will affect the way you SHARE your faith with those you meet today. This book provides a rare glimpse into Jesus’ personal style of evangelism. We can learn much from observing the Master and His ways. It is a vital message for today.



Under His Influence book by Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Under His Influence: Yielding to the Work of the Holy Spirit

Are you trying to live the Christian life, but finding yourself struggling rather than rejoicing? Are you lacking the power you need to experience true joy in times of trial, and to reach others with an effective godly witness? To live the Christian life in God’s strength, we need to be filled with His Spirit. We need to be continually under His influence if we are to lead lives marked by the fruit of the Spirit, including love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


Be Still Devotional Book by Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Be Still Devotional Book

In the overwhelming busyness of life, how often are you actually still? Journey through selected passages of Scripture and devotion, along with an accompanying Bridging the Gap message, in a new devotional by Pastor Lloyd Pulley entitled Be Still. Sit at the Lord’s feet and allow Him to quiet you as you find the strength, renewal, rest, and guidance you need.


Walk In Love book by Pastor Lloyd Pulley - Free Download

Walk in Love: Following God’s Plan for Marriage

The Lord has given us a prescription for a healthy marriage and it is found in His Word. The Bible literally offers us a road map for handling marital relationships, but it only works when we follow it and commit ourselves to loving God and loving our spouses. Why are so many Christian marriages filled with trouble and ending in divorce? Ultimately the answer always comes down to one word: Sin. Whether it is the sin of selfishness, adultery, lying, or unforgiveness – sin destroys marriages. And as Christians, we need to walk daily in the newness of life, following Christ and choosing to live a holy life rather than living in sin.