Revive Us Again! by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, March 2023

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – March 2023

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

The Jesus Revolution movie recently received an unprecedented amount of national attention with a record-breaking opening weekend – is something strange afoot in our nation?

I was in Southern California in the late 70s as the impact of the Jesus Movement was still strongly felt. This period followed arguably the most challenging time in our history in the late 60’s. Droves of hopeless hippies filled the churches and their impacted children became the yuppies (young urban professionals) of the 90’s. “Liquid love” was used to describe what it felt like entering into Spirit-filled churches, and a great hunger for God’s presence, love, and power prevailed in those that opened the Bible, proclaiming and explaining the timeless Word of God. It was practical and full of meaning and purpose!

Calvary Chapel was birthed in that movement as the movie Jesus Revolution portrays – and it impacted many parts of the world profoundly! It would not be a stretch to declare that America has been shaped by the revival of Biblical Christianity from the first, second, and third Great Awakenings, as well as the Welsh Revival, where all sense of dull religion was done away with as people realized their deep need of God. Hypocrisy in the church ceased as open and honest confession and repentance of sin prevailed, influencing many to take another look at Jesus and the Bible. Look at these points expressed by Evan Roberts to believers in the time of the Welsh Revival:

1. Confess any known sin.
2. Put away any doubtful habit.
3. Obey the Spirit promptly.
4. Confess Christ openly.

The result of such happenings was a supernatural awakening that changed the hearts of millions! Oh, how we need another one today!