Transforming a Life by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, October 2023

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – October 2023

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

I recently sat down with a public-school teacher who expressed her dismay at the policy proposed by the Board of Education, which keeps parents from knowing about the gender identity and pronoun preferences of their children.

The given answer as to why this policy is so important is that it may protect children from family abuse or even suicide. Yes, many American families are broken, and this brokenness has a devastating effect on children. But to exacerbate the problems by removing parents from the knowledge of their child's struggle with gender confusion only allows activists full power to indoctrinate and groom them. We already hear of many children regretting their gender transition. One asked, "Where were the adults in the room when I made an irreparable decision to mutilate my body in my confusion?"

Many school counselors, police officers, and others become jaded seeing the worst of society day after day. But to have a policy that supposes all parents would be abusive and thus withhold information about their children is as bad as assuming all counselors want to brainwash them.

A few from our church shared their concern about this policy in a recent school board meeting and were trashed for it. These young people who spoke up may not have been as smooth in their delivery as more experienced speakers, but when did expressing a sincere religious view become open to attack? If religious beliefs are not welcome in public settings, we have ceased to be America. Recently, Texas passed a law allowing chaplains to become school counselors. While many may mock this, I've seen firsthand what the Bible can do in transforming lives. The decline of our society would cease if people returned to their Creator for life's instructions!