Subjects or Citizens, by Pastor Lloyd Pulley, March 2021

Living Stones Series: First Published in All Around Old Bridge Publication – March 2021

By Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Being subjects to a king, one must do as they are told. There are orders to follow, commands to obey. For the Christian, our Creator is King—and it is imperative that we obey the commandments given us. They are not merely suggestions!

Being citizens of a republic, one is expected to be watchful and wary of their leaders, that they do not deviate from the guiding documents. Each citizen is to hold authorities accountable, even to the point of rebellion if needed.

Today in America, many have this reversed. They have become subjects, rather than citizens, of the government. Christians quote Romans 13 as if what was meant for believers in a dictatorship applies the same in a republic. They view themselves as citizens of God’s Kingdom, yet selectively decide what they feel like doing in regard to His moral laws.

And though America is not under the Lord by direct covenant like Israel, America was established with a foundation steeped in biblical principles.

When George Washington was sworn into office, he swore on a Bible opened to Deuteronomy 28. That chapter is all about the blessings and curses that would come upon Israel as they followed, or did not follow, God. No question America was indeed blessed. This nation grew and prospered more than all nations of the world combined. But now, having rejected the Bible and God as a nation, is it possible we are beginning to experience the turmoil and deconstruction typified in the curses of Deuteronomy 28:28? "The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart."

We were once able to reason, but people rarely ask anymore, "What do you think about this or that?" Now they ask, "What do you feel about that?"

Now a person can "feel" that they’re trapped inside the body of a different gender and— Poof! It is scientifically so. All rational thought put aside, we are commanded to be subject, and cannot object for our sons and daughters who must participate in this fantasy from Kindergarten on. Is this not madness?

As citizens we could object to this. We could object to our children being mandated to receive seventy vaccinations before their eighteenth birthdays, void of "Big Pharma" liability. As subjects, there is no opting out. Madness!

Major governments around the world all seem to be operating under the same spirit, with politicized medicine negating doctors’ common-sense care for their patients—people they know better than anyone. Madness!

Has a curse come upon America? It would appear that God may be behind this judgment, and at least, He is definitely allowing it! Look at all that has happened from 9/11 to the unprecedented "natural" disasters now devastating us. This unending "pandemic" has become a useful mechanism to bring "subjects" to their knees. The average American believes, despite the constant drumbeat of the media, that the election results were rigged—and as subjects, not citizens, there is no recourse. One cannot even question what their own eyes have seen or their mind clearly knows without being censored or canceled.

Do we have freedom of religion, speech, press…...really?

My prediction is that the most aggressive weaponizing of the government against the church will pick up where it left off four years ago. And God will not stop it. Why?

Because persecution has never hurt the true church, but purified her.

There will be an estimated 300 million Christians in communist China by the end of the decade.

Hitler gave us Bonhoeffer.

Perhaps we need a Sanballat and Tobia, mocking and opposing God, to strengthen Nehemiah. Perhaps we need a Haman, threatening extinction, to raise up an Esther. God has always used a Pilate, a Herod, and a Judas to bring about His ultimate plan! When has it ever been easy for those who hold fast to God against the tide of unbelief? When have great people ever been raised up in easy times?

Natural sentiments may have rescued David earlier. I would not have allowed Joseph to be sold as a slave. I would have stopped the terrible persecution that put Moses in a basket, set afloat to save his life. But without them, great deliverances would not have come!

Does not God show Himself powerful, strengthening and deepening His people, during the most difficult times? I would suggest Psalm 37 as a pill in these times. Let us "fret not because of evildoers." Let our reaction be not anger and frustration, but bold confidence and faith. Every stroke of the pen with record-setting executive orders guarantees judgment. We know it will not be easy before our deliverance comes—but we know that it will come!

Unfortunately, average American-Christian culture has been intoxicated by a worldly "hope-ium," believing evildoers will be exposed and then we can all go back to our slumber. But let us not sleep! Let us pity the rich, powerful, elite of this world, who are sadly blind and in danger of eternal judgment. Let us share the love and hope of the Gospel, that in believing on the Lord Jesus one may be saved from this perverse generation!