07/12/09 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
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07/12/09 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Item Name:   07/12/09 (Sun.) Pastor Lloyd Pulley
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Message Title: Jesus, The Great Physician
Message Speaker: Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Message Date: 7/12/2009
Message Scripture: Mark 2:1-22
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One of the most aggravating things going on in the year 2014 is the world's attempts to redefine who Jesus is, and to redefine why He came to the earth. Today's scripture text is a perfect example of this. The world says Jesus was a peace loving guy, who just wanted everyone to love and accept each other. On the contrary, Jesus came to point out our sin, lead us to repent of those sins, and to ultimately die on the cross for our sins.

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