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Most Requested Series 2007 on MP3
Bridging the Gap has compiled Pastor Lloyd's most requested series of all time in this set of five CDs, featuring 60 messages in MP3 format.

New Life, New Love, New Power: Study in Ephesians Part 1
Join Pastor Lloyd for his close examination of the book of Ephesians, and learn how you can walk in love, light, and godly wisdom! Grab your pencil and your Bible, and equip yourself to gain practical insights on a new life in Christ!

Not By Bread Alone
In the longest chapter of Scripture, Psalm 119, we find some of the Bible's greatest exhortations on the excellence of the Word of God. Join Pastor Lloyd for this in-depth study of Psalm 119, and learn more about God's amazing Word to us!

Not to be Served, But to Serve
Are you seeking God's direction for your life? Do you want His best for your future ministry, marriage partner, and more?

Our Father in Heaven: Lessons on Prayer
If you desire to have a more effective prayer life, join Pastor Lloyd for this inspiring series, as he studies Jesus' heart for prayer.

Join Pastor Lloyd as he explores God's Word for exhortation to fathers, mothers, and children.

Pastor Lloyd Pulley Presents:
Join Pastor Lloyd in the exploration of marriage and how best to deal with disagreements.

Peace Of Mind
Join Pastor Lloyd for this in- depth study in Philippians 3-4, and learn how you too can enjoy peace of mind!

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