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By Faith
Join Pastor Lloyd for this verse-by-verse study through the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11.

Cheerful Giving
The Lord loves a cheerful giver. Learn how to be one!

Christian Growth and Development
In this important series, Pastor Lloyd, addresses various aspects of that process of becoming disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Leadership
Pastor Lloyd offers practical principles for Christian leaders!

Christian View Of Marriage
Gain God's perspective on marriage and the roles of husbands, wives, and children!

Coming Judgment and Kingdom:  A Study in Micah
Join Pastor Lloyd for this in-depth study in Micah, and learn what God requires of all believers and how we can prepare for His coming kingdom.

Conduct Becoming A Christian
Join Pastor Lloyd as he explores conduct becoming a Christian, and how each of us can enjoy godly attitudes, speech, and relationships.

Contending for the Faith:  A Study in Jude
Learn how to contend for your faith in this exciting study in the book of Jude!

Daniel's Prayer
Join Pastor Lloyd in this study of Daniel, Chapters 9 and 10.

Deliverance:  A Study in Exodus (Part 1)
Join Pastor Lloyd in this first part of his series on the book of Exodus.

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