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The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer
Tozer reminds and challenges you to renew your relationship with the loving God!

The Tender Touch of God by Mike MacIntosh
Masterfully relating real-life situations and life-giving Scripture, MacIntosh guides readers on an exploration of ways to increase their courage, strengthen their determination to persevere, and develop true forgiveness.

They Found the Secret by V. Raymond Edman
They Found the Secret presents the lives of twenty well-known and little-known Christians. The details of their experience are delightfully different yet their testimony to the reality of the joy and power of the Spirit-filled life is unanimous.

Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges
Transforming Grace is a fountainhead of inspiration and renewal that will show you just how inexhaustible and generous God's grace really is-you'll never be able to ask for too much, need too much, hope for too much, or even sin too much.

True Discipleship by William MacDonald
Am I ignitable? A disciple can be forgiven if he does not have great mental ability or physical prowess. But he cannot be excused if he does not have zeal. If his heart is not aflame with a red-hot passion for the Saviour, he stands condemned.

Under His Influence by Lloyd Pulley
Pastor Lloyd makes the doctrine of the Holy Spirit accessible to all who want to experience the fullness of life in the Spirit.

Voiceless DVD
Voiceless encourages people to stand up for God's truths in society and overcome the spirit of retreat as it pertains to engaging the culture that has developed within the church.

Waiting on God by Andrew Murray
These meditations will help you learn to wait only and fully upon God!

We Would See Jesus by Roy & Revel Hession
The primary focus of this book - and our lives - is Jesus!

What the Bible Is All About by Henrietta Mears
What the Bible Is All About is the essential handbook for anyone who wants to read and understand God's Word.

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