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The Pursuit of God - by A.W. Tozer
Tozer reminds and challenges you to renew your relationship with the loving God!

The Spirit Style - by Gayle Erwin
With the same fresh approach for showing us the Son in The Jesus Style and the Father in The Father Style, Gayle Erwin places our hand in the hand of Jesus and takes us to the side of the Comforter.

Transforming Grace: Living Confidently in God's Un
Transforming Grace is a fountainhead of inspiration and renewal that will show you just how inexhaustible and generous God's grace really is-you'll never be able to ask for too much, need too much, hope for too much, or even sin too much.

Under His Influence by Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Pastor Lloyd makes the doctrine of the Holy Spirit accessible to all who want to experience the fullness of life in the Spirit.

Waiting on God - by Andrew Murray
These meditations will help you learn to wait only and fully upon God!

We Would See Jesus - by Roy Hession
The primary focus of this book - and our lives - is Jesus!

What is the World Coming To by Pastor Chuck Smith
Pastor Chuck Smith closely examines end times events as detailed in the book of Revelation.

Why Grace Changes Everything by Pastor Chuck Smith
Explore the wonderous mystery of grace!

With Christ in the School of Prayer - by Andrew Mu
In this classic text, Murray exhorts the church to intercede for the world in prayer, which is our highest calling in Christ.

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