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Parenting by The Book by John Rosemond
With a down-to-earth, warm, and humorous style, one of America’s top family psychologists sets forth a virtually stress-free, biblically based system of childrearing that encourages family growth in harmony with God’s Word.

Persecution by David Limbaugh
Author David Limbaugh exposes hypocrisy that condones selective mistreatment of Christians in the mainstream media, Hollywood, our schools and universities, and throughout our public life.

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (paperback)
Once the most deeply cherished book in English-speaking households other than the Bible itself, John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress is the allegorical tale of the Christian pilgrim on his journey to the Celestial City.

PIlgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (hardcover)
Acclaimed as one of "the greatest literary masterpieces in the world," this allegory captivates the reader's attention while providing insight into the Christian life.

Practical Christian Living by Wayne Taylor
Learn practical principles for living a victorious Christian life.

Prayer: Our Glorious Privilege by Chuck Smith
Join Pastor Chuck Smith as he examines the powerful instrument we have in prayer!

Redemption by Chuck Smith
Understand the redemption we have in Christ!

Satisfaction Guaranteed (from the One you can count on) by Bill Ritchie
Seeking satisfaction? Perhaps a different job, or a place at the beach? Something that would make everything right with your world? Thank God that your ticket to satisfaction isn’t the attainment of whatever’s posted on your refrigerator.

Secret Power by D. L. Moody
As Moody explains in Secret Power, a life that is yielded to the Spirit is one that can yield tremendous influence on the lives of others.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
Learn about effective communication, discipline, and training!

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