Bridging the Gap Radio Ministry

Throughout August 2020

Do you struggle to explain your faith when confronted by the “New Atheists” of our day?

As the Christian faith comes under fire and our beliefs are questioned, many Christians are looking for the answers with which to counter the attacks on our faith. According to Christian apologist and former atheist Ravi Zacharias, “the very starting point for an atheistic universe is based on something that cannot explain its own existence.”

In his book The End of Reason, Dr. Ravi Zacharias empowers Christians in their daily lives with the answers many are hungry for as he spells out: the nature of evil, the bankruptcy of atheism, how science and religion can coexist and the foundation of morality. The End of Reason is an excellent resource for Christians attempting to explain their faith to a hostile world.

A paperback copy of Ravi Zacharias’ book The End of Reason is your gift when you support Bridging the Gap with a gift of $15 or more throughout August.

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